Councillors Frank Armitage

Councillors Frank Armitage

Candidates announce their intentions

The political candidates for the municipality, regional district and school district have finally stepped out of the shadows.

  • Oct. 20, 2011 6:00 p.m.

After months of speculation, the political candidates for the municipality, regional district and school district have finally stepped out of the shadows.  Two candidates have thrown in their hat for a run at the mayor’s seat.  Present mayor, Randy McLean, who is very experienced in the position has one opponent, Fred Thomas.  For town council, all four councillors who are presently sitting are running again.  Jason Earle, Marilyn Harkness, Frank Armitage and Ray Jarvis are being challenged by Christina Longley-Scarisbrick and Kim Maynard.  There are four positions available for town councillors.

Gordon Comeau and Dave Rainer will be joined by Leah Ward as the Princeton representation on the Nicola-Similkameen school board #58.  Ward came in after an extension was allowed until Monday, Oct. 17 for the school trustee position, as there were only two candidates for Princeton, Rainer and Comeau running until then.  There are seven positions to be filled for school trustees.

Lastly, there are two candidates running for the singular position of Area H Regional Director.  Brad Hope is the present Regional Director and Charles Weber was the Alternate Director until recently.

In the last election, there were sixteen candidates who threw in their hats for a position on town council and four candidates who ran for mayor.

The political forum for the councillors  was held in the gymnasium at Princeton Secondary School because of the record breaking numbers of candidates.   This year, Chamber of Commerce manager Lori Thomas stated, “We hope to use Riverside Theatre for the forums.  I am looking at November 2 and 3 as the tentative dates, but we will have to let the public know for sure.  I have put the dates out to the candidates and am awaiting their reply.”

The political debates will be running full swing until election day.  On November 19, votes will be cast.  On election day the poll stations will be open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Watch your local newspaper for the announcement dates on the political forum debates and locations and of the polling stations in Princeton and the rural district.

Election day results will be posted online at the Civic Info B.C. website at