By the numbers, Princeton is one of BC’s most patriotic towns

Almost one third of residents turn out for Remembrance Day

By the numbers, Princeton is one of BC’s most patriotic towns

Princeton is one of the most patriotic communities in British Columbia – if turnout to the annual Remembrance Day service is any indicator.

At least eight hundred residents crowd Veterans’ Square on November 11 each year, for the laying of wreaths and two minutes of silence.

Given a population of 2,740 that is a per capita attendance of .29 – nearly one third of the town paying their respects.

A survey of surrounding communities puts Princeton near the top in terms of people paying their respects to the war dead.

Last year, for example, Trail also had 800 people at its cenotaph, but drawing from a population of 7,000. Maple Ridge had 5,000 people at its ceremony, with a population of 85,000. Penticton, with 33,000 people, had at Remembrance Day turnout of 1,850.

Mayor Frank Armitage says the annual show of support on November 11 is “remarkable.

“I think the leadership and effort extended by our Legion members speaks to the good turnout and the respect paid to our veterans,” he says.

Attendance at Princeton’s Remembrance Day has grown in recent years, says Armitage. “There has always been a core turnout but I must say since I returned home, over the last ten years, it’s just wonderful to see the growth and interest of our good citizens.”