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Business at the Princeton cemetery is not exactly booming

Fewer people are choosing interment, says administrator
Residents can purchase a burial plot in the Princeton cemetery for $555. (Spotlight file photo)

Business at the Princeton cemetery isn’t exactly booming.

According to Carolyn Schmidt, who manages the cemetery’s administration, there are fewer burials than ever before.

“It’s dropped a lot over the years because more people are having their ashes spread…There are more and more people who don’t want to be interred in a cemetery,” she told the Spotlight.

Last year there were only two or three full burials at the facility, while the rest of the services performed there were interment of urns following cremation.

Generally interments are done between April and October, when the weather is co-operative.

Burial plots in Princeton are relatively inexpensive, but they have creeped up in price over the past 14 years.

In 2010, a single plot was $200 and in 2024 it is $555.

That includes a $111 contribution to the care fund.

Those are the prices for residents. Non-residents are charged $3,190.

That still compares favourably with Mountain View Cemetery, owned by the City Vancouver. According to their website a full casket space, with room for an upright marker, is $36,000.

CAO Lyle Thomas said the fees are greater for non-residents as they have not paid taxes towards the cemetery’s upkeep.

He added that most non-residents who inquire about interment in the Princeton cemetery have a former connection with the community, and he doesn’t see a lot of plot-shopping by out-of-towners.

A full fee schedule of cemetery services can be found on the town’s website.

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