Bear with sweet tooth captured

Bear with sweet tooth captured

A large black bear was caught in a live trap Saturday night at the property he had been visiting

A large marauding black bear with a sweet tooth was caught recently in a live trap on the Juniper Drive property of Barry Wilson.

Overnight last Wednesday and Thursday the bear had been tearing pieces from the underside of an attached cottage at the home to get at the honey combs of the bees which had taken up residence there over the last few years.

During the day Thursday many of the bees were removed by Okanagan Falls orchardist Brad Wiebe and B.C. Conservation Officer Service personnel dropped off the culvert trap.

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It was Saturday night at about 8:30 p.m. after Wilson and his wife had returned home from a dinner out they saw the bear inside the trap.

“When I drove in the yard I saw him with the car lights and when I backed up and really turned the lights on we could see he was in there but he wasn’t happy. He was banging around,” said Wilson who added he was relieved to be able to go out at night now.

Once inside the house, Wilson contacted the conservation officer and left a message saying the bear was in the trap. When he got up at 7 a.m. the bear and trap were gone.

He did not know what the service had planned for the bear and officers were not available for comment on whether it would be relocated.