This coyote was spotted on Huth Street in Penticton on Wednesday, April 21, 2021. (Debra Turnball Facebook)

Coyote sightings increasing in South Okanagan and Similkameen

Spring is when coyotes are on the hunt

Coyote sightings are increasing in Penticton and locals are warning people to keep their pets safe.

Debra Turnbull posted a picture on Facebook of a skinny coyote walking down Huth Street on Wednesday evening. The wily coyotes have also been spotted in the McLaren Arena area and even in the downtown core.

Coyotes have been killing local cats as well, as more missing posters go up around neighbourhoods.

The Western News has reached out to the B.C. Conservation Office but haven’t heard back yet.

Spring is hunting season for coyotes and also the time of year when they have babies to feed.

Coyotes have been thriving in urban settings, including becoming a danger in Vancouver’s Stanley Park where they have been attacking joggers.

A Hollywood actor filming in Vancouver warned the public of coyotes in Stanley Park after his wife and dogs were attacked Saturday, March 6. Alan Tudyk – who stars in the sci-fi series Resident Alien – said a coyote snapped at his wife and nabbed his dog Raisin, refusing “for 10 minutes” to relinquish its grasp.

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More time outside amid the COVID-19 pandemic means more coyote sightings for Canadians, according to senior conservation biologist Dan Kraus. He is offering the following tips to Canadians to keep their pets safe:

• Keep dogs on a leash when going for walks.

• Feed your pets inside, keep them indoors.

• Do not leave pets unattended outdoors.

• Make sure garbage, pet food or compost is not left outside.

• Close off spaces under porches, decks and sheds.

Never Run from a Coyote

“Never run from a coyote as it may trigger a predatory response and give chase,” Kraus said. Instead, use alarm devices, such as a whistle, bell or phone to frighten the animal.

If the animal exhibits aggressive behaviour, make yourself larger and noisier by raising your arms and voice. In the rare case that the animal continues approaching, Kraus encourages the throwing of rocks or sticks in its direction.

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