Harvesting a Christmas tree on Crown land

Free use permits are available for most areas of the province, good for one tree in designated areas of provincial forest

Influenza vaccine now available in B.C.

H2N2 influenza cases already showing up around B.C., strains of influenza B expected to show up by February

Tofino, Stanley Park voted B.C.’s ‘best places’ to visit

A new poll of British Columbians has the Park and surfer's paradise one-two atop the province's travel destinations.

A look inside the VGH Millionaire Lottery home
    Raw Video: Field of Screams
      Teaching the Feldenkrais method in Vernon
        Artist describs cyanotype

          Super, virtual B.C. seen world-wide

          Virtual reality lets people experience a boat trip and a hike into the high country of the remote central coast at Nimmo Bay

          Dr. Smith: Understanding self-harm

          Why is my child doing this? What is going on with youth.

          APPLE EVENT LIVE: The watch, a gold MacBook, HBO on iPhone

          Apple Watch unveiled: lots of features, functions, price tags. So... Do you want it?

          • Mar 9th, 2015

          UN: World eating too much sugar; cut to 5-10 per cent of diet

          No way to sugarcoat this: WHO says sugar should be no more than 5-10 per cent of total calories

          • Mar 4th, 2015

          Most Popular Baby Names in Canada (VIDEO)

          There are lots of kids named Emma and lots of kids named Jackson, according to registered entries on

          The Great Llama Chase of 2015, Apparently (VIDEO)

          Humans are always trying to go viral. Turns out, llamas have the secret. Just be themselves. Escape, and be themselves...

          3 in 4 Canadian adults bullied in school: poll

          3 in 4 Canadian adults bullied in school; 46% say their kids were bullied: poll

          • Feb 25th, 2015

          Canada’s maple leaf flag turns 50 this weekend (VIDEO/TIMELINE)

          Once a controversial new design, the maple leaf withstood a battle between Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Lester B. Pearson

          Youth new face of gambling addiction, data shows

          Younger people more at risk for problem gambling, target of new B.C. action

          • Feb 3rd, 2015

          Part V: Eating Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

          Dr. David Smith looks at the effects and symptoms of deadly illnesses like bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

          Part IV: Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health Problems – Which Came First?

          Alcohol and marijuana (or cannabis) are the substances most used by B.C. teenagers, writes Dr. David Smith.

          Lieutenant Governor sponsors youth environment program

          Grants available for teachers, youth educators to provide hands-on experience with community ecosystem projects

          Part III: Youth Dealing with Depression

          We all feel sad from time-to-time – it's a normal and appropriate response to disappointment and loss.

          • Dec 19th, 2014

          Part II: Fear Not – There is Help for Children and Youth with Anxiety

          Everyone has times of feeling anxious, scared or fearful. Without it, we would never have survived as humans, writes Dr. David Smith.

          Part I: Mental Health for Children and Youth – How to Get the Help You Need

          Dr. David Smith says 13 per cent of B.C. youth experience a mental health issue every year – 83,700 children under age 19.

          Lt. Governor joins call to adopt (with video)

          "What I never knew is how much they would take care of me," Judith Guichon says of her experience raising four adopted children

          Cities want authority to break car windows

          Only police and SPCA constables have authority to enter cars or other private property to free an overheated dog