Local ranchers win at fair

Local ranchers head off to fair in Salmon Arm, returning home to Princeton with awards.

  • Sep. 27, 2011 5:00 a.m.
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Proud parents Tania and Doug Simons from Copper Creek Ranch watched their daughters Samantha and Kirsten collect some big prizes on a trip to the Salmon Arm Fair at summer’s end this year.  Simons have been attending the fair since 2003.  Their Hereford cattle are carefully chosen each year for the event and Simons along with friend Colleen Stevens make it their mission to do well.

“We have won some pretty great titles over the years,” said mom Tania.  “Sam and Kirty showed their own animals and that included feeding them and leading them around the ring.  Doug, Colleen and I washed their animals and got them ready to go.  We made a good team.”

Tania credits her husband Doug for having a good eye when it comes to the selection process.  “We have to decide and nominate our animals months beforehand,” Tania stated, “and we always make sure those are the ones we take to these events.  Our track record has been great.”

The Simons family came home with a armful of awards including; Grand Champion Bull, Reserve Grand Champion Female, Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor.  Sam won first in showmanship and Kirty won third against some much older competitors.  “Doug and I were really proud of the girls,” stated Tania.

This is not the only competition the Simons girls enter.  The girls go to the Junior Bonanza each year.  The national competition brings together ranching families from across the country.  This year the Simons family travelled to Saskatchewan to compete and the year before they were in Quebec.  In 2009 the event was held in Princeton.  “Our cattle arrive all dirty from travelling,” said Tania, “but fortunately it is nothing a good wash down can’t fix.  They end up looking pretty good in the end.”