Literacy outreach working in Princeton

It takes a special kind of person to focus on the fundamentals of daily life. Teresa Martin has taken on the position of Literacy Outreach Coordinator for Princeton and is taking the job very seriously. “I never really thought about it before this LOC position,” stated Martin, “but in one way or another, I’ve worked in literacy outreach for many years as a parent with a child that required speech therapy.”

  • Jun. 29, 2011 10:00 a.m.
Literacy Outreach Teresa Martin has taken over as the new Literacy Outreach Coordinator for Princeton.

Literacy Outreach Teresa Martin has taken over as the new Literacy Outreach Coordinator for Princeton.

Martin has spent a lot of time in the school system volunteering.  “In fact, I volunteered at John Allison Elementary over 18 years ago,” she said, “working with children experiencing speech and language barriers.”  Martin is a crusader for literacy even tutoring an 85 year old man to read.  Martin volunteered her time helping Temporary Foreign Workers and immigrants learn about living in Canada.  She helped initiate an organization to help newcomers settle into the community including all newcomers to Rocky Mountain House where she was living at the time.

Martin volunteered for a non-profit education and career planning organization providing assistance and support for young adults, adults, seniors, immigrants and temporary foreign workers.  She also worked as an education assistant in a pre-K to Grade 12 school.

“I definitely consider myself a lifelong learner,” said Martin.  “I have completed many certifications and workshops over the years, both while I was working and when I was a stay-at-home mom.  Challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone has helped me grow and learn so many new things.”

Martin moved to Princeton with her husband Clay in October of 2010 and is happy to be back.  I have lived in Princeton twice before,” Martin stated.  “The first time was 24 years ago when my husband was with the mine.  Then, again 18 years ago because of the mine and now we are back.  I say third time lucky.  We are not moving again.  It is nice to be back in B.C..”

Martin was born in Nelson, B.C. and grew up in Merritt.  She started in her position as Literacy Outreach Coordinator in April.  “I will work as a liaison between organizations.  I will co-ordinate programs and help make connections for everyone in Princeton needing literacy services.   I can help set up programs between employees and employers for tutoring and for Grade 12 upgrades.”

“I’m excited to be working in a community that already has so many great programs in place,” Martin stated.  The Leisure Guide is a great resource to find out what programs are offered here.  I actually heard about how amazing Princeton’s Strong Start program was from someone that lived in Penticton.  Like any community there are gaps and we are currently working with other community organizations to bridge those gaps.”

Martin has already hosted a Grade 12 diploma information session on getting your diploma free through SCIDES and is working to offer a course to seniors on computer skills.  She also is partnering with the RCMP at the Legion for their weekly drop-in youth program.

“Literacy affects virtually all parts of our daily lives – from filling a prescription, to going to the bank, training to do a job or knowing how to keep your family safe – it can be argued that it is the single most important key to our social and economic success.”  Brenda Le Clair, CEO of Decoda,” an organization formed by joining Literacy BC and the Literacy department of 2010 Legacies Now.

Martin encourages the whole community to take part in improving literacy.  “If your organization is interested in becoming involved or you would like to help by volunteering, I will be happy to help you connect to the right interest for you.  If you’re new to the community this is a wonderful way to meet others and find out more about the area that you live in.  Princeton has a lot to offer.”

“We can’t save the whole world, but we can help change lives one person at a time.”  To volunteer, or get information on programs phone Teresa Martin at 250-293-6440