Gardening club holds active year

Princeton gardeners will be out in full force again this year.

The Princeton Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of each month.

The Princeton Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of each month.

After a very successful spring and slow summer and fall, here’s what’s been happening and what we hope will happen.

Our Annual Plant Sale held on the cold, wet morning of the May 28 flea market was pretty good.

Part of the success was due to Charlotte Sellers who kindly donated lots of parsley and basil seedlings and some fresh spinach to our sale. Thank you Charlotte.

July saw us visiting Leanne at the Tulameen Lavender Farm. Although the Lavender Farm had been severely damaged the prior two winter the day was a surprise success!

We enjoyed a wonderful tea, with some amazing baked goodies including a lemon and lavender pound cake. Leanne gave us a wonderful tour of the ornamental gardens surrounding her home.

We also spent time examining her extensive and productive vegetable garden down below. Thank you Leanne for a wonderful day!

Initial contact was made with the Similkameen garden club in Keremeos and we’re planning to do some joint activities in the future.

As well an excellent showing was made by our members in this years Fall Fair.

Benny Mazzarella received the overall trophy for gardening. Unfortunately for the second year in a row our pumpkin/squash contest was a bust. I think we will have to reconsider this idea.

Exciting things are happening within our small club. After talking about a booklet on gardening for Princeton, we have now decided to actually write, assemble and print a small book.

This book will give newcomers and current residents an introduction to gardening in Princeton and area.

Due to the size of our club we have decided to open up the book to contributions from other gardeners in Princeton who may wish to write a page or two about their experiences.

Some of the book will be technical but it will also, we hope, be entertaining and humorous. If you have anything you would like to share please call Doreen at 250-295-1577.

We will be giving an incentive to all contributors as well as acknowledging their contributions in the book.

The Princeton Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of most months at 1 p.m. in the Seniors Centre on Angela Avenue.

Anyone who would like to become a part of our club, please feel free to join us. For more information please call Doreen at 250-295-1577.