Chocolate Pecan Pie, a dessert fit for the worst roller-skater Nelson Lewis

On one of my trips to England I discovered roller-skating.

  • Feb. 8, 2011 9:00 a.m.

On one of my trips to England I discovered roller-skating.

It was a big deal in Portsmouth—everybody seemed to be doing it. I went with some friends off the ship and we were amazed at the size of the arena. It was easily the size of a regular ice skating rink back in Canada.

We having a great time until a certain group of girls showed up. They immediately realized that I was the worst skater in the building and began picking on me. The floor was made of something that looked like marble and felt like it too, I spent most more time on my behind than I did on roller-skates.

I had never roller-skated in Canada, so I was not very good at it to say the least. I found it difficult to stop and actually I ran into the boards.

When these girls caught on they began to shove me into the boards on purpose, hitting me from behind and spinning me in a circle.

Finally, in desperation, I began bending from the waist, letting them hit me and go flying over my back to land in a heap on the hard floor. It only took a few spills like that to make them realize the fun was over. But I had some very impressive bruises for over a week or so.

While I was in Portsmouth, I made friends with some of the galley crew of a destroyer parked outboard of our ship. I swapped supplies they could not get easily, for recipes. Contrary to popular belief, English cooks are usually very good cooks. In fact the cooks on the destroyer were excellent.

The recipe I have for you, is for a delightful pecan pie they served. It will make your mouth water—Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie.


4-whole medium eggs

1-cup granulated sugar

1-cup light corn syrup

1-tsp vanilla extract

1/2-cup butter or margarine, melted

1/2-cup chopped pecans

1/2-cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1-unbaked pastry shell


Beat the eggs, sugar, corn syrup and vanilla into a mixing bowl. Add the butter or margarine and beat well. Stir in the pecans and chocolate chips and pour into the pastry shell. Bake at F 350 for one hour or until well set.

I like to serve this pie with whipped cream piped over the surface. It looks great and it is delicious. You can also add ice cream, partly melted and spread on fairly thick, covered with whipped cream. Mmm, that’s good! By the way, chocolate curls sprinkled over the top give the pie an elegant finish. Enjoy!

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