Calling all kids, get your squash ready for the fair

It’s finally here! Spring that is! The Princeton Garden Club is going to try again

Due to the fact that we received no pumpkins for judging by the Fall Fair date last year, we have extended our contest to include all squash (pumpkin is a squash). There will be two categories, summer and winter squash. Prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd will be awarded for the best from John Allison and Vermilion Forks schools. Students will probably have received this information by way of your school notices. If you are not aware you may call 250-295-1577 for more info. You must register before the end of the school year. Just return your entry form to the school office. This year the Fall Fair will be held on the long weekend in September. Further instructions will be forwarded to you in regards as to when & where to drop off your squash at the fair grounds.

The Garden Club has a few more members this year which is always encouraging. As in prior years we will be having a plant sale, but it will be later this year. On Saturday, May 28 we will be at the Flea Market at the strip mall on the highway. Why not stop around and pay us a visit, perhaps we can answer some of your gardening questions or sell you a few starter plants or seeds. See you then!

The club is currently planning some outings this spring and summer. We plan to visit the Lavender farm in Tulameen in July and enjoy a cup of tea and an informative visit. Also a visit to a local organic farm. We have also been working on articles for a gardening brochure about Princeton gardening. This would be available to new and old residents alike. If you think you would enjoy our club we meet every third Wednesday of the month (excluding summer) at 1 pm in the Seniors Center on Angela Ave. An actual garden is not necessary, so don’t let that hold you back. Call Laila at 250-295-0740 or Doreen at 250-295-1577 if you have any questions.