Ruthie Cipes sings in The Oots N’ Oots with her family. (Twila Amato/Black Press Media)

Ruthie Cipes sings in The Oots N’ Oots with her family. (Twila Amato/Black Press Media)

VIDEO: Okanagan family rock band releases new album

The Oot N’ Oots has new music that will make you laugh, wonder and dance

A Kelowna family band is ready to debut a new album.

The Oot N’ Oots is releasing their third album, titled Ponderosa Bunchgrass and the Golden Rule, which will be available on streaming platforms as well as in physical copies starting on Friday, Oct. 15.

Like the band’s past albums, this one is an eclectic mix of genres as well, with roots in rock n’ roll, according to band member Ari Cipes.

The album features songs like PJs All Day, which celebrates comfort and the joy we all feel when we wear comfortable pyjamas. Another song is called Thank You, Universe, which speaks about gratitude for life and the experiences we go through, The Golden Rule teaches about treating others the way you want to be treated, among many others.

The Cipes brothers — Matthew, Ari, Ezra, and Gabe — all grew up in a musical home, so it was a natural progression not only to play music but to form a band and share that music with everyone else.

“Our dad always played show tunes and honky-tonk piano when we were growing up,” Ari said.

“Learning our own instruments and playing together was just natural.”

Ruthie, who was eight when the band first came together, said it’s great to be in a band with her family.

“The band is also a way for us to get together and it’s also nice to be together and make music as a family,” she said.

With this new album, they wanted to keep bringing positive feelings to listeners of all ages.

“We make music to make good vibrations and happiness and joy,” Ezra said.

“We also do this for creativity, and so people feel lighthearted and free.”

With the combination of silly songs, teachings, as well as songs expressing a person’s wonder and awe at the world, The Oot N’ Oots know there is something for just about anyone.

Ponderosa Bunchgrass and the Golden Rule launches with a virtual album release concert on Friday, Oct. 15. Details on the concert are available here.

More information on The Oot N’ Oots is available on their website. A list of where you can buy the album is available here.

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