Image Credit: Kristin Grant

Image Credit: Kristin Grant

Timely documentary showcases empowered female DJs

Amplify HER a graphic novel and motion comic series, to be screened in Kelowna this Saturday

Given the rise to the #MeToo movement, the Women’s March and the cultural shift happening across the globe, a Victoria-based production, Ten One Films, seized the moment to release a much-anticipated female-driven documentary.

Amplify Her is a film, graphic novel and animated-motion comic series exploring the rise of female artists in the electronic-music scene. The 89-minute film follows the rise of seven female DJs, each climbing the ranks of the international electronic music scene while wrestling with their own personal struggles – within a male-dominated realm.

Shot by Kelowna cinematographer Jan Vozenilek with graphic novel cover design by local artist Kristin Grant, the documentary film is set to be released this Saturday.

Edmonton director Nicole Sorochan states the film plays a culturally significant roll in the #MeToo feminist movement.

“During production, we realized the themes faced by women in the music world were the same as other industries, like tech, video games, comics and more,” said Sorochan. “We thought, what if we gave women a chance to tell stories in collaboration with each other? We found 16 more female comic writers, illustrators, and animators and gave them the support and space to create.”

Many of the key scenes were shot by Kelowna native Vozenilek, who also filmed the workshop on Galiano Island where 30 women gathered from across North America to create the graphic novel and motion comic series.

While Grant turned each of these female DJ producers music from the film into their comic book heroine versions through body paint and photography.

According to director Sorchan, the screening of Amplify Her will include a projection mapping of the artwork from the movie, giving way to a new model of film distribution.

“We will build a powerful experience that is crafted with the fans at the forefront,” she said.

Amplify HER Graphic Novel and Motion Comic Series from Ten One Films on Vimeo.

The screening will take place Jan. 27 at the Innovation Centre in Kelowna with the projection mapping displayed on the centre’s stairwell. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets are $20, click here to buy.


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