The mystery of magic and illusion

Residents and visitors to the community were treated to an afternoon of magic and illusion at the Riverside Centre Theatre on Sunday.

OUTERBRIDGE - Clockwork Mysteries Ted and Marion Outerbridge captivate their audience with the arts of acting/storytelling

OUTERBRIDGE - Clockwork Mysteries Ted and Marion Outerbridge captivate their audience with the arts of acting/storytelling

The Princeton Arts Council hosted an afternoon of magic and  illusion with the talents of Ted and Marion Outerbridge at the Riverside Centre Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 23.

The thrilling duo captivated their audience with the arts of acting/storytelling, dance, magic and illusion.

Greta, the psychic goose, is introduced and with participation from audience members is able to thrill them with her ability to read their minds. Upon relieving herself (Greta) on stage Ted Outbridge notes that Nola, the lady in the audience who was asked to think of a letter from the alphabet, “must have been thinking of the letter P.”

Jamie Halloway who said, “the show was totally amazing,” tried quite hard to not be noticed, but she was and wound up being chosen to assist with a card trick.

Outerbridge had the audience giggling with his faulty attempts at guessing Jamie’s card successfully and then surprised everyone by pulling up the “four of hearts” out of the deck of cards he had drawn on paper.

Glow Lemon graciously played the part of Princeton’s archivist as three things were chosen by the audience that would be in a time capsule representing Princeton.

Nana Mouskouri, (favoured musician) six apples and a drawing of snow with a person shovelling it, were chosen.

Opening a locked chest, Glow assists in revealing a rolled up piece of paper containing a list of just what the audience had stated, resulting in a rousing round of cheers and applause.

Spencer, the young man with the stinky shoes was invited on stage to have the stink removed—only the removal process fried the shoe completely—or so Spencer and the audience thought… Luckily, after a little fun with coloured boxes, Spencer did get his shoe back.

Throughout the 90 minute show, the magical couple amazed the audience with their signature illusions. The Time Machine saw Marion enter in the present and exit in the past (including a different costume.) Ted assists Marion into The Sword Basket, while she crouches inside, the audience is on the edge of their seats as Ted places long steel swords throughout the basket. Marion waves from the basket and after Ted removes the swords she appears again, in a different costume. A Lady Divided wows the crowd as Ted cuts his wife in half and the magic of levitation is shown as Ted pops out of a box that appears to be floating in mid-air.

The afternoon ends with a bunch of excited youngsters vying for an autograph, to which the Outerbridge’s  happily complied.