Hedley Community Club upcoming events

Hedley Community Club Upcoming Events and Report:


The Hedley Community Club membership strives to create fun and engaging activities for families and youth in the area around Hedley.  


Coming up quickly on March 16th at 7pm is the Community Club AGM.  All members are encouraged to attend and see the developments we have been working on.  Much planning needs to be done in order for our group to remain productive and “in sync” with what the community members are looking for, so the executive asks that you pencil in that night as a “DATE”.  Please consider bringing a friend to the meeting as well- anyone you know who may be interested in social or recreational events, dances, or get- togethers – either as a planner or a participant- you are welcome to join us in making Hedley an even better place to be.


The Hedley Community Club is located at 956 Scott Avenue; please direct any inquiries to the President Doug Bratt at 250-292-8600.


Many locals fondly remember the ball tournaments held in Hedley and it is among the Society’s goals to re-establish those fun-filled events.  About five years ago, legal issues surrounding the ownership of the land where third base sits, and therefore liability issues related to that ownership, brought ballgames to a stand-still.  In order to deal with the costs related to putting on ball games and solving the land-use issues, the Hedley Community Club is undertaking a number of fundraising activities.


On Saturday, February 12th the Community Club celebrated a very successful Valentine’s Day by hosting a gourmet dinner event which featured cooking by Doug Bratt and Tom Leslie.  Participants raved about the Santa Fe Chicken, which consisted of chicken thighs pounded out and stuffed with prawns, spinach, ricotta with a bit of “heat” to take of the winter chill.  Other highlights included baby back ribs served Greek or Barbecque style, and pork tenderloin marinated in red wine and rosemary, with a cream sauce made with the marinade and drizzled with roasted pistachios.  Yum!  Rice pilaf, potatoes and lots of great veggies accompanied this delightful meal.


Diners felt that they received their money’s worth and more, with everybody who attended asking “When is the next dinner?”   At this point, mark your calendars for the Fool’s Dinner, on Friday April 1st.  We promise no bad jokes but we hope to provide lots of fun, great food, and laughs.  Tickets will be available through the Hedley Country Market (telephone # 250-292-8600 for further details).