Hansel and Gretel to play at the Riverside Theatre in May

There’s trouble brewing in the dark forests of Ilsenstein Mountain. An ancient witch with the heart and habits of a nasty teenage girl has been causing trouble for the children and other folk of the towns and forests nearby for hundreds of years; maybe even longer. And today is the Public Holiday and all the children are out and about; happy to be free from school and chores. But alas; Hansel and his sister Gretel, are home working and are not allowed to go to the town celebrations. That should keep them safe from the witch, shouldn’t it?

The cast of Hansel & Gretel The cast is busy with rehearsals for the upcoming adaptation of Hansel & Gretel

The cast of Hansel & Gretel The cast is busy with rehearsals for the upcoming adaptation of Hansel & Gretel

And so it starts in the Princeton Performing Arts Society production of Hansel and Gretel. How does it go? You’ll just have to come out to Riverside Theatre and see.

Based on the classic story by the Brothers Grimm, author Vera Moriss has added some twists and turns, some characters and some humour to the tale and made it a treat for all ages.

“We have a great group of kids, and they are really working hard,” says co director Susan Kerr Herzog, “ and it’s a good thing, because this is a really difficult play.” The story calls for fast scenery changes, complicated props, and some interesting special effects, not to mention tongue twisting exchanges between some rather odd citizens of Ilsenstein Mountain.

The shows are on May 6th, May 7th and May 8th. Friday and Saturday are evening shows. The doors open at 6:30, and curtains rise at 7 PM. Sunday is a special Mother`s Day Matinee, starting at 1 PM, with the doors opening at 12:30. When you purchase advance tickets for Sunday`s show, you can receive one free for Mom.

Tickets are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, or drop into Riverside Theatre, Tuesday and Fridays after school. There will be an intermission, and a concession where yummy goodies made by P.S.S. food classes will be sold. Susan says that they wanted to keep everything very family oriented. “The play ultimately is about love and friendship and the importance of those bonds“ she says “ and we have brothers and sisters and parents and children all working together; even my son and I are co directing. And we do want to celebrate the youth of our community, whether they are acting, moving scenery, taking tickets, or baking goodies. They are all making this work.“` If you would like to become involved, there is always work to be done, and you can contact Susan or Josh at 295-7927. or come out to Riverside Theatre after school on Tuesday or Friday

The Performing Arts Society sponsors a drop-in Drama Youth group every Wednesday at Riverside after school, and the drive for this play came from that group. The PPAS wants to see the youth group continue, and to keep theatre alive and thriving and that  is happening. In addition to Hansel and Gretel, the PPAS is soon presenting Bill W. and Dr. Bob, written by Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey.  It tells the amazing story of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous. Directed by Esther Donovan, and with a dedicated and experienced cast and crew, it promises to be an intense and fulfilling experience for the audience. Bill W. and Dr. Bob premieres on June 2 and runs to June 5 at Riverside Theatre.

And just what does happens on Ilsenstein Mountain. Well, we`ll see you there.