Bridge Street rumbles and shines

Bridge Street in Princeton was lined up with over 140 entries of cars, trucks and motorcycles for the annual Show n Shine

Over 140 entries lined Bridge Street on Saturday

Over 140 entries lined Bridge Street on Saturday

The age of Graffiti (50’s)—boys lining the streets with their hot-rods itching to take a pretty girl for a ride all while listing to music that just makes you want to get up and dance.

With a pure love for the age and the vehicles, thanks to the efforts of Mac MaDonald and her crew, once a year, Bridge Street in Princeton becomes the setting for just that.

Twelve years ago, MacDonald approached Otto Coers, at  Princeton A&W with her idea for a car show and fundraiser, they joined forces and as they say, “the rest is history.”

Their first show had 27 cars and has grown larger each year. “The excitement brings people to the streets said MacDonald, It’s so nice to see the work, the love that goes into it and how beautiful the cars are.”

The 12th annual Princeton and A&W Show n Shine took place this past Saturday with over 140 entries of cars, trucks and motorcycles that residents could feast their eyes upon.

Collectible car enthusiast, Councillor Kim Maynard welcomed participants and opened the show at 10 a.m., in Veteran’s Square.

Enthusiasts from Princeton, Chilliwack, Langley, the Island, Merritt and all throughout the Okanagan came out to show off their prized possessions.

Thanks to the participation and donations from local merchants, participants in the show were treated to prize draws.

Hot dogs and hamburgers from A&W with the loan of Cooper’s barbecue, along with various vendors serving treats for the day kept tummies full while folks danced to the sounds of the Allenby Road Band.

Princeton General Hospital is a yearly beneficiary of the proceeds from the show, however as the show has grown so too has the beneficiary list. Recipients this year will include sending kids to camp and providing items to the Princeton Highway Extrication Society to help with the completion of purchases from their wish list.

Co-ordinators Mac and Frank MacDonald, John Draper and Otto Coers, extend a huge amount of thanks to their sponsors; A & W Princeton, Lordco, Mac’s Auto Parts, to their volunteers; those taking registrations, parking the cars, manning the hot dog and hamburger sales, the Ambassador Candidates and to the local merchants for their donations.

Everyone that helps makes this such a success says Mac MacDonald, “it’s a lot of fun and you bet we’re doing it again next year!”