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EDITORIAL: Local politics right now are unhelpful and ridiculous

This is the worst crisis in Princeton’s history, and the moment for everyone to bring their best

Princeton, we are not ready.

This. Is. Not. The. Time.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been disturbing threads, woven through our local social media groups.

Bluntly, these are posts and comments, political in nature, with arrows aimed at the 2022 municipal election. That vote will take place Oct. 15.

Blessedly, and according to, no one in Princeton has filed nomination papers, as of Jan. 9.

The community remains under a state of emergency. With limited resources town workers, volunteers, and hired proffesionals are coming together, paving the way for rebuilding and recovery. It will take years – at least as long as the next two council terms.

The situation demands that people put aside their differences, and dig deep to help their neighbours.

Through the lens of much of the town, it can almost look like the disaster is over. Well, Save On Foods doesn’t have Toaster Strudels or oyster sauce, and there’s that blockade on Bridge Street that requires drivers to divert for three minutes around town. So that’s annoying.

There are still 300 properties damaged to the degree they are on evacuation order. Some of our residents have been relocated to cities. Others are sheltering with friends and family. There are even people who continue to live in their destroyed homes, because there is no place for them to go, and even then, they can’t bear to leave.

Under these circumstances politics are unhelpful, and ridiculous.

Everybody knock it off, until at least Labour Day.

This is the worst crisis in Princeton’s history, and the moment for everyone to bring their best.

— Similkameen Spotlight

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