(Back-far right) Jeff Larsen

(Back-far right) Jeff Larsen

Weyerhaeuser donates towards new school playground equipment

A $15,000 grant presented by Jeff Larsen, manager of Princeton Weyerhaeuser was presented to Vermilion Forks Elementary School.

Principal Clarke introduced a special guest to the students of Vermilion Forks Elementary (VFE) on Friday after having a quick chat about the status of playground equipment.

Merry-go-rounds were removed from the schools in Princeton due to the fact that governers needed to bring them up to safety standards were unavailable.

The removal of the equipment upset students and parents a great deal. Grade 5/6 teacher at Vermilion Forks, Mrs. Tristen Cleven decided that something had to be done about replacing the equipment.

Vermilion Forks Parent Advisory Committee has put in $3,000 towards new equipment and the committee headed by Mrs. Cleven has applied for grant funding.

One grant has been awarded to the school and was presented by Jeff Larsen, manager of Princeton Weyerhaeuser.

“Safety is as important to us at Weyerhaeuser as it is to your school and we are pleased to help,” said Larsen as he presented a $15,000 cheque to VFE.

The fundraising committee is hoping to raise $50,000 for a new playcenter for VFE.

They plan to hold a VFE clothing sale and an Art Sale (art by students) in November to further their efforts. If you wish to help, please contact the school. 250-295-6642