Grade ones learn to make butter

Grade ones learn to make butter

Students at John Allison learn to cook

The children are completely enthusiastic with the experience of cooking and eager to learn.

Shirley Low, a teacher at John Allison Elementary School made the decision to teach students how to cook. She applied for and received funding from Valley First Community Endowment to support the program called JA Kitchen Kids and a second grant from the BC Teachers’ Federation to pay for cookbooks.

In 2013, Mrs. Low, along with creative help from her husband Wah Fee, created a cookbook dedicated to the students, teachers and staff of John Allison and the individuals and corporate sponsors who supported the John Allison School Community Garden Project. (Copies of this cookbook may be borrowed from the Princeton Library.) Recipes from the cookbook will be used in the JA Kitchen Kids program. Mrs. Low hopes to create a new edition soon.

Last week the students lessons began with learning to make butter, buttermilk, buttermilk biscuits and fruit smoothies.

The children are completely enthusiastic with the experience and eager to learn.

They are also very excited to taste what they have made with their own two hands.

Outfitted with tiny white aprons, the students are taught to wash their hands to start and to use measuring utensils, how to cut safely with a knife and how to shake a jar like crazy to make their butter. (That was a really fun part.)

Using small kitchen appliances is part of the learning experience as well. (Many were surprised at how noisy appliances can be)

Thanks to Mrs. Judy Short, one of the many community volunteers, the students were able to see how butter was made with a 100 year old butter churn.

Beginning in February, the students from John Allison will be joining Mr. O’Malley and his students at Princeton Secondary School to cook in the high school kitchen. Cooking dates at the high school are scheduled for Feb. 11 and 25, March 11, April 15, 29 and May 13.

Regular cooking days at John Allison are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

If you are interested in helping out with the JA Kitchen Kids program, please contact Mrs. Low at the school. 250-295-6727