RCMP fourth quarter statistics

Sgt. Dave Clare of the Princeton RCMP presented the fourth quarter statistics to Mayor and Council at the regular meeting of Council February 7, 2011.

Compared to 2009, Princeton RCMP had an increase of 3 per cent in calls to respond to for 2010.

There has been an increase in assaults, no robberies in 2010 compared to the three on file for 2009. No homicides for 2010 vs the 1 in 2009. Theft from vehicles has more than doubled and auto thefts are up over 50 per cent.

Break and enter incidents remained unchanged from 2009 staying at 32 in 2010.

No Break and enters were reported during the fourth quarter and Sgt. Clare was also able to report that mischief complaints, business break and enters and robberies showed a marked decline as well.

During the fourth quarter of 2010, Princeton RCMP investigated 7 founded drug offenses, two of which were related to cocaine trafficking, one for possession of cocaine and four related to marijuana. Sgt. Clare requested a Community Impact Statement from Council in regards to the drug usage and trafficking within the community.

“This is a dangerous, dangerous thing in our community,” stated Mayor McLean.

Council agreed to prepare the statement which will be used in the court to show how the community is opposed to any kind of drug activities in our area.

In regard to community involvement, Sgt. Clare stated, “we get good response from the eyes and ears of the community, we’d like that to continue.”

The Princeton RCMP is as well, very appreciative of the continued efforts of Citizens on Patrol.

The RCMP have enjoyed a busy fall with their involvement in community activities such as; Remembrance Day Services, Hwy #3 Improvement Project Meeting, support for the Princeton Posse, Ambassador Program, Seniors Christmas dinner and the Princeton Figure Skating Club—just to name a few. One of the Princeton members received DARE training and will begin facilitating this coming spring.