Princeton’s event planner extraordinaire

A special note of appreciation for a local lady who goes above and beyond to ensure residents and visitors have a lot of fun.

THANK YOU NADINE! Most recently

THANK YOU NADINE! Most recently

There is a local lady who is known by those whom have worked with her, to go above and beyond her job description and to do so with a huge smile upon her face.

Nadine McEwen is the Recreation and Cultural Coordinator for the Town of Princeton. Her job is to develop and produce recreation and culture programs for the community as well as plan major town sponsored events.

From large events like the Princeton 150 celebration to assisting the Arts Council with events such as the Spirit Festival, right down to helping smaller groups with grant applications and planning of their events—McEwen’s passion for the community shines through the work she does.

To find out more about the recreation and culture programs available, check out the Town of Princeton Leisure Guide at