Princeton launches new website

The Town of Princeton is proud to announce the re-launch of the municipality’s official website “”

The Town of Princeton is proud to announce the re-launch of the municipality’s official website “” along with the launch of new websites for the airport (“”) and campground (“”).

The new design provides a better user experience and offers enhanced communication with the public.  Combined with a fresh new look and design, the website offers access to information not previously available on the website.

The Princeton Regional Airport has undergone significant improvements over the last few years and with the launch of its own website at current and new users will be provided valuable information on the services provided and opportunities for investment.

The Princeton Municipal RV Park and Campground is an important amenity for visitors and the presence of a website will attract new visitors to our area and provide them with valuable information on booking a site for their next trip to Princeton.

The re-launched website, along with the two additional websites provides greater flexibility for administration.  Having adopted a user friendly content management system, town hall administration can easily change, add and delete information and enhance the sites much easier than was previously possible.

“In today’s world the Internet is playing an ever increasing role in our lives, the ability to be able to exchange information concerning our community is vital to any well functioning municipality,”  Mayor Randy McLean explains.  “I would like to think that the long process that we have endured in order to present our re-launched and new websites is a tribute to its effectiveness.  We hope that our site will offer all the information that you might need as well as provide you with  a snapshot of the wonderful community and area that we live in.  There are many exciting changes taking place in Princeton and we welcome the opportunity of sharing them with you.  We are hoping that a visit to our site will encourage a visit to our thriving community,” Mayor McLean adds.



Randy McLean

Mayor, Princeton B.C.