(Left to right) Bryce St. Cyr

(Left to right) Bryce St. Cyr

Princeton air cadets take off

Four Princeton teens have travel to Penticton to take part in air cadets because there isn't a local squadron available.

Finding things to do during weekends has taken on whole new meaning for four local teens.

Bryce St. Cyr, Ethan Doré, Hayden Davies and Nick Cherot have been enjoying a new and active world of experiences since joining Princeton Air Cadets.

On Tuesday nights the teens carpool over to Penticton to participate in Squadron 259 (Penticton) Parade nights.

Local organizer for Princeton, Dawn Gardner has been actively pursuing the reorganization of the Princeton Air Cadets.

“There are more youth interested, but for now the travelling to Penticton on school- nights is tough to do especially with other activities students are involved in,” Gardner said.

“Recruitment is ongoing, I am hoping to get enough interest, funding and a building to be able to operate our own squadron again, right here in Princeton.”

A couple of weeks ago, the four Princeton cadets participated in a weekend survival camp in Vernon.

They learned how to build a shelter,  how to gather water properly and they experienced individual meal packages (IMPs). The teens thought the meals were “pretty cool three course meals, including the after-dinner mint.”

They learned about hypothermia and first aid basics as well as participated in endurance training which included dropping to do push-ups while running up hill.

On Saturday April 22, the teens spent the day experiencing gliding in Oliver. They began at 8 a.m. in the morning and finished at 5 p.m. They learned air traffic control signals, take off and landing procedures, retrieval procedure of gliders once landing took place and while in the air, they learned how to release the tow rope.

“They were still flying when they landed,” said Gardner with a chuckle.

The Princeton Air Cadets have some busy days ahead of them. They will be participating in the following events;

May 6 – COPA – at the Princeton Airport, May 9, the Rick Hansen celebrations at Veterans Square, May 26 – ACR Parade & Review (annual inspection), which includes static displays, Air Cadet Squadron Band, uniform inspection and parade (all family and friends are encouraged to attend) and the Annual Air Show in Princeton on July 21.