Megan Pateman ~ BC Ambassador candidate

Princeton Ambassador 2012/13, Megan Pateman will represent Princeton in the British Columbia (B.C.) Ambassador Program.

Princeton Ambassador 2012/13 Megan Pateman

Princeton Ambassador 2012/13 Megan Pateman

Princeton Ambassador 2012/13, Megan Pateman will represent Princeton in the British Columbia (B.C.) Ambassador Program.

Megan is pleased to have the opportunity to represent her community once again.

“I loved the Ambassador Program, she said,  “I entered it when I was 15, was crowned when I was 16 and have been helping with the program ever since.”

Megan says before she entered the Princeton Youth Ambassador Program, she “couldn’t talk.”

Laughing out loud she states, “There’s no problem with that now.” Megan enjoyed the volunteer hours that went along with the program and found out that she really liked to volunteer.

Her sponsors played a large roll in her success as Princeton Ambassador. “My sponsors at Copper Mountain Mine were incredible,” said Megan. “They are not just a company—and I thank them so much for the support they gave me.”

Now 19 years of age, Megan is excited at the prospect of experiencing the BC Ambassador Program and says, “It’s nice to know that Princeton supports me in representing our community. I am looking forward to the experience.”

Megan is grateful for her current sponsors as well; sponsorship to the BC Ambassador Program is shared by the Princeton Youth Ambassador Program and by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #56 Princeton.

She is currently working toward her goal of becoming a paramedic. She has learned through her volunteer experience that she “likes helping people.” There have been, “ton’s of people who have inspired me to become a paramedic,” she said. In particular though, the paramedics that took care of her mother when she suffered a fall from the roof of her home, “were incredible,” said Megan. “I watched how they treated Mom and it was so nice to know that I could trust them.”

Watching her father, Doug Pateman, president of Princeton Highway Extrication Society come home after a successful rescue has been inspiring as well. “When Dad comes home after he’s saved someone, he is so happy—I’d like to be able to be trusted like that—to be able to help people.”

The British Columbia Ambassador Program is available to young men and women (ages 17 to 24) who have held an Ambassador title in B.C.

The mandate of the program is to:

“Nuture provincial leaders of the future.

Promote and assist with the expenses of post-secondary education.

Forge links of friendship and understanding throughout BC communities.”

In August of this year, three candidates will be chosen to represent the youth of British Columbia and will form the British Columbia Ambassador Team of 2014.

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