Local teacher looking for support from Council

February 7 regular meeting of Council

Local teacher Gordon Bibby has requested council’s support and $1000 in funding for a reclamation project on the East side of the new water tower. The project would include the restoration of a 300m2 un-vegetated area with Bibby and his students tilling soil, planting, weeding and monitoring the growth of the area. Council has referred this consideration to budget.

Jerome Tjerkstra and Thomasina Murdock, owner/operators of Thomasina’s Tea Room and Bread Shoppe have requested council’s support of their application for a Food Service Alcohol License and have requested permission to set up 3-4 outdoor tables and chairs in Veterans Square. Council supports the request for licensing however, have referred to staff and administration as time is required to investigate the table placement request.


Mayor McLean expressed his condolences in regard to the loss of resident Tom Stout, stating “Tom has had a long history and many contributions to our community.” McLean shared a favoured memory of Stout’s assistance in the removal of an ice jam.

Councillor Armitage reported that there are several new members on the Chamber Executive noting, “the well oiled machine known as the Chamber, is doing well.” Construction projects on the Museum are coming along and will go out to tender soon. The Community Culture Forum is working on a 10 year plan – one of the goals being, to be the organization that brings all activity groups together.

Councillor Harkness was pleased to report that the Community Recreation Guide was now available on-line at the Princeton Website www.princeton.ca

She also noted that to date, 27 new kindergarten students had been registered for the upcoming school year.

Councillor Earle reported that things were looking good for the Rodeo Club as they had a huge turnout of volunteers at their last meeting. The Community Consultative Group meeting sessions have begun. Earle noted that the Legion was hosting the “Big Slick Poker Tour” on Wednesday evenings, dinner at 6 p.m. and then, cards at 7 p.m. “It’s a great evening,” stated Earle.

Councillor Jarvis commented on the health care system. Jarvis has spent quite a bit of time in the hospital due to ill health. “We hear alot about peoples experiences, some detrimental, but I have to say with my hospital stays, the nurses and Dr.’s have been great. I have been well looked after.”