Mamas for Mamas is launching a new fundraising campaign in place of its annual gala. (Ratna Fitry/Pixabay)

Mamas for Mamas is launching a new fundraising campaign in place of its annual gala. (Ratna Fitry/Pixabay)

Kelowna-based non-profit launches fundraising campaign for vulnerable families

Mamas for Mamas is hoping to raise $210,000 for its poverty relief, mental health programs

A Kelowna-based non-profit is launching a new fundraising initiative as it continues to adapt to the current pandemic.

In place of its annual fundraising gala, Mamas for Mamas is launching $21 for 21 Moments of Hope instead. The organization said the goal of the campaign is to get 10,000 individuals to participate and together, raise $210,000.

Participants will then aim to raise the money over the course of nine days, from Sept. 21 until Sept. 30.

To participate in the campaign, you can choose to make a one-time donation of $21, become a monthly donor or do a random act of kindness for others.

“In reaching this goal, Mamas for Mamas will be able to continue providing these moments of hope, these moments of triumph and these moments of no longer feeling alone in this journey of motherhood/fatherhood to families who truly have nowhere else to turn,” the non-profit said.

Mamas founder and CEO Shannon Christensen said as pandemic restrictions continue, they had to find another way to raise the money they need to help families.

“Poverty doesn’t take a break because of the pandemic, in fact, we have seen a large increase in the needs for Mamas for Mamas services over the last nineteen months,” she said.

“What is most important is that we do everything we can to find a way to raise money so that we can continue to support our clients and continue to give everyone we see a hand up and provide these moments of hope in some of their darkest times.”

Donations made to Mamas are used to fund their poverty relief and mental health programs, as well as crisis relief in Kelowna, Vancouver and across Canada.

Mamas services help vulnerable families who fall between the cracks and don’t receive the support they need.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, located in northern Vancouver Island, is partnering with Mamas and has donated a two-night all-inclusive stay for two as a door prize for anyone who donates financially to the fundraiser or who does a random act of kindness.

To participate in $21 for 21 Moments of Hope, visit Mamas for Mamas’ campaign page.

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