Harvards join Princeton Air Show

The sound of four North American Harvards returning to Princeton will be heard throughout the valley.

A North American Harvard owned by the New Zealand Airforce.

A North American Harvard owned by the New Zealand Airforce.

Another type of aircraft has been added to the lineup at the Princeton International Air Show this summer.

The iconic North American Harvard, a Second World War air force trainer, returns to Princeton on July 21.

“Their distinctive radial engine sounds will be heard throughout the valley as no less than four Harvards join the 2012 air show,” said the event’s newsletter.

The Canadian Museum of Flight – a museum dedicated to restoring Canada’s aviation history – will also be returning this year.

Organizers announced a jelly bean stunt airplane will also be joining the show, and are now holding a contest for an air show-related prize.

The 15th person to email news@princetonairshow.ca with the correct answer to the following question will win the prize.

Pilot Kent Pietsch is bringing his 1942 Interstate Cadet (the jelly bean airplane) to the 2012 air show. The Interstate Cadet has a rather unique connection to the Second World War. Can you name the event that brought the U.S.A. into the Second World War?