Frankie Reichert is going to “Shave for the Brave”

For most women, the thought of going completely bald is a scary concept.

For most women, the thought of going completely bald is a scary concept.   Even cutting off inches and inches of long beautiful hair brings frightful reluctance.  For Frankie Reichert, chopping it all off does not scare her.  It just makes her want to do it for all the right reasons.

Young adults struggling with the effects of cancer age 15-39 can all join Young Adult Cancer Canada. “Each dollar from the Shave for the Brave helps young adults in Canada deal with cancer through supportive and informative programs,” states the website home page @  Shave for the Brave is a way for young Canadian adults to do it their way.  The fundraiser started in 2006 as a community event in St. John’s, Newfoundland and has blossomed into so much more as it has spread across the country.  Events are now held in schools, offices and as solo challenges all across Canada.  Some do it in support of a family member, friend or colleague, while others do it just because.

“Cancer is different when you are a young adult,” states the information package.  “The first stage of adult life is usually filled with university, starting a career, buying a house, getting married, starting a family and celebrating your independence with your peers.  Suddenly, you have cancer and issues like fertility, friends and finances take on a whole new meaning.”

“You have to give up your independence for a while and put that new career on hold. You find out who your true friends are because not everyone has enough wiggle room in that ordinary path to visit you or they think addressing your cancer will make you uncomfortable so they don’t know what to say.”

Young Adult Cancer Canada helps young adults connect with one another.  They are a lifeline of information, and support.  Reichert is challenging her friends and neighbours to join her in the cause either as a fellow participant or a sponsor.  She has been gathering up donations and hopes to have a worthwhile sum to donate to Young Adults Cancer Canada by the time she bucks it all off.  “If you’re really brave, shave your head for pledges and the money raised goes towards programs,” states Reichert’s posters.

For those not brave enough to go bald, Reichert is encouraging them to just take a snip…a big snip…10 inches worth.  “You have to have 10 inches of healthy hair to cut off, to be able to donate your hair for a wig,” she said.  “The hair is used to make wigs for cancer patients and is making a difference for someone somewhere.”

Reichert hopes to announce the where, when, why and how details of her Shave for the Brave in the near future, but is looking into the near New Year for her D Day.  “I am working with a Shave for the Brave coordinator right now to finalize a date,” Reichert stated.  “

For more details on Frankie’s challenge or to sign up call Frankie Reichert at 250-295-7329.