Firefighters converge on the old Town Hall

The old Princeton Town Hall has been turned into a training ground for Princeton volunteer firefighters.

The Princeton Volunteer Fire Brigade are practicing searches

The Princeton Volunteer Fire Brigade are practicing searches

Fire Chief Eric Gregson put in a request for use of the old Town Hall as a fire practice facility for the Princeton Fire Brigade.

With the old hall out of use, Mayor Frank Armitage saw this a “great opportunity for the firefighters” and granted the request.

“So far we have had three practices in there,” said training officer Captain John Laursen, “we hope to get at least three more.”

Susan Laursen, says she is enjoying the practices and got to be the live dummy used in the first search practice at the hall on Wednesday, March 5.

During the last two Wednesdays, the brigade  have filled the hall with smoke and used the ‘actual dummy’ for more search and rescue practices. They are also practicing various fire attacks and wall breaches.

The hall is proving to be of great benefit to the firefighters, providing a training ground for them to have indoor simulations of fire fighting experiences. “The crew are just loving being able to practice in this building,” said Susan Laursen. A recent donation of a house will provide further experience for the crew later this spring.