Faces of the museum board for 2014

The new board of directors for the Princeton & District Museum and Archives elected March 26.

Museum directors:  Tip Anderson

Museum directors: Tip Anderson

During his final moments of tenure as the president of the Princeton and District Museum and Archives, Bob Wicks unveiled the latest gift to the museum courtesy of Len Harker. A press from the first local newspaper—The Similkameen Star.

Wicks spoke of his pride in the museum and his heartfelt appreciation for the dedication and boundless enthusiasm of manager, Robin Irwin and his profound thanks to each and every contributor. Manager Robin Irwin presented a year in review for all in attendance at the AGM, highlighting the museum’s acheivements throughout the year. Irwin introduced Brian Wilson, executive director from Okanagan Archive Trust Society, who is assisting with archiving the museum’s treasures.

Wilson states he is excited to be a part— “It’s an interesting and unusual trip through your archives,” he said.

Councillor Kim Maynard officiated the elections for the 2014 executive. President – Jerome Tjerkstra, vice – Rika Ruebsaat, secretary – Marjorie Holland and treasurer Martin Hough.