Confidence in the Hedley Improvement District

The Hedley Improvement District AGM was held on Friday with positive feedback coming from attendees in regards to the HID's work.

Hedley Improvement District: Administrative officer

Hedley Improvement District: Administrative officer

On Friday, May 2 at 7 p.m., the 62 Annual General Meeting of the Hedley Improvement District (HID) was held in the Senior’s Hall.

The HID is the governing body responsible for providing water distribution, fire protection, and  street lighting for the benefit of the residents of the town of Hedley.

Two trustee positions on the HID needed to be filled and were by Lynn Wells and David Peers.

Elections Officer, Graham Gore officiated the election proceedings.

Coleen Doherty, chair reported that the HID had lent their name to an application for a feasibility study involving a Mcrohydro project that may be possible at the Nickleplate Mine Ponds. “It is a forward thinking process, she said, “but in the very beginning stages.”

She also reported that things were going well with the HID. “We have become proactive.” The HID is, “in the positive instead of negative.” Restructuring of water tolls, learning to save for future purchases, etc., “It all adds up in places, we’re able to draw from.”

The Water Report presented by Kevin Whittaker included the fact that there were no major projects in 2013, lighter projects ie) valve replacements were ongoing, water testing done regularly, results are clear and that saving for future pump replacement (when needed) is already underway.

A gentleman from the floor spoke, “ I appreciate the fact that you talk with confidence, that you are planning for the future, It gives me great confidence,” he said.

The Fire Department report was presented by manager Graham Gore. Busy months were noted as January and February.

Gore reported that the roster was low at this time. “We need three firefighters, but have space for five.” He went on to explain that there were financial rewards for joining the fire department, such as paid on call, courses are paid for and tax benefits can be received.

Meeting attendee, Art Martens commented on the, “exemplary firefighters” the community was lucky to have.