Daughter Layna is the inspiration for the Lawes family annual fundraiser.

Daughter Layna is the inspiration for the Lawes family annual fundraiser.

Bridge Street Car Wash fundraiser sets new record

The February car wash heart fundraiser held by Tanya and Al Lawes was a complete success reported Tanya.  Fundraising for B.C. Children’s Hospital’s Cardiology Department, Al and Tanya collected the proceeds from every Tuesdays car wash crowd and put the funds aside for their cause.  Bridge Street Car Wash is owned by the Lawes family.  Their daughter Layna is their inspiration for the fundraiser.  She has had tricuspid stenosis since birth.  Her tricuspid valve is too small and Layna now travels around with a  pacemaker in her busy three year old body.  She has been a frequent patient of Dr. Sanatini’s at B.C. Childrens Hospital and it is under his diligent care that Layna has flourished.

“The weather was somewhat uncooperative this year,” said Tanya, “with minus 23 on first Tuesday.  Then, we had some mechanical failures on our one bay door the next Tuesday.  While there was some frustration at our start to February and in spite of the fact that it was not a very good month weather wise, we still were able to set a new record thanks to the generousity of some people who made large donations.”

The new record is $1252.”

“just want to say a big thank-you for everyone,” said Tanya.  “B.C. Childrens Hospital is a really good hospital.  They see a lot of kids each year and Al and I are happy we are able to do something with the support of our community to make a difference for them.”