A safety message from Princeton GSAR

At this time of year, GSAR reminds residents to dress appropriately during recreation time.

As well as specialized trainings like the ‘Ice Rescue’ techniques described last week in The Spotlight, Princeton Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) members are subject to training as soon as they volunteer.

All members take the Ground Search and Rescue Course which is approximately 80 hours of training. They are all certified in First Aid with Transportation Endorsement – approximately 16 hours training.

All members have to complete an overnight ‘campout’ training exercise where they use GPS and compass training, learn to build their own shelter and spend the night alone so they can experience somewhat of what a subject may feel when lost.

They are members of and participate in Mutual Aid Training with South Okanagan Similkameen Search And Rescue: Oliver/Osoyoos, Keremeos, (Princeton) and Penticton SAR.

GSAR meets three times a month at the SAR Hall located at the Princeton Airport.

Classroom training, outdoor training including how to use their rescue equipment is alternated throughout the month.

Not only do they learn how to track people, how to help with first aid, they learn how to package people up if injured and how to transport using items like their snowmobiles, atv’s and the new Ranger as well.

Donations from people, companies and organizations is what helps to keep Princeton GSAR members prepared. GSAR appreciates the support of Fortis BC, The  RDOS and the Town of Princeton, Mac’s Auto Parts Ltd., The Loonie Bin, Princeton Hospital Auxiliary, China Creek Internet, Princeton Septic, Huffy’s Auto, Princeton Outdoor Supply, and Barry Beecroft Fuel Distributors Ltd. “We also appreciate the gaming grant funding we receive from the government,” said Randy Rorvik manager, Princeton GSAR. This funding has made much of the equipment purchases possible for GSAR.

Princeton Ground Search and Rescue would like residents to know that they will not be charged to be rescued. They do not want people hesitating to call for help for fear of having to pay for such service.

At this time of year, they would also like to remind residents to dress appropriately during recreation time. Use the layer system, while snowmobiling, hiking, skiing, even fishing.

The Underwear Layer: primary function is to control moisture next to the skin. Polyesters and Polypropylene work

Insulation Layer: This layer should offer insulation while absorbing and transferring outwards the moisture passed from the underwear layer beneath. Materials in this layer include wool, fleece, pile and occasionally down.

The Shell (outer) Layer: protects the wearer from wind, sun, rain, snow etc. Materials include Goretex, Sympatex, Quarpel, Stormshed etc

Remember, the best way to regulate body temperature is with the layer system.