Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Photo Andrea DeMeer

Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Photo Andrea DeMeer

Some people just act trashy

Residents take advantage of bins for flood relief

Pissed off.

I. Am. Pissed. Off.

Golly gee am I allowed to say ‘pissed off’ in the newspaper?

If not then I’m angry, frustrated, and mad as heck and not taking it anymore.

It’s garbage.

One sees much.

I see homeowners cleaning, clearing, shovelling and grasping at scraps of normal.

I see Mennonite Disaster Services volunteers hauling debris out of ruined houses, sodden walls and floors, and wheelbarrows full of destroyed personal items for which there are no replacements.

They put it all in a bin.

What I also see is people taking advantage of those bins.

The bins are provided, on the street, by the municipality (taxpayer dollars) and delivered by Old Style Bins and Disposal. They come and go several times a week,

They are large and red so I call them all Clifford. You know, Clifford, the Big Red Dog.

I see people depositing black bags, non-flood-related renovation waste, and really whatever is in the back of the pick-up truck or trailer.

Smells so bad.

For a few weekends, I kept my peace, largely reigned in by Mr. DeMeer who prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Sunday, April 17, I went in a different direction and confronted a ‘dumpster,’ who bold-faced lied and then scurried away like some kind of unappetizing sea crustacean.

A person close to me suggested the people misusing our Cliffords would likely otherwise drive up a forestry service road and just leave their crap in the middle of the wilderness.

Probably accurate.

The Princeton landfill site is open Tuesday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. And yes you have to pay.

It’s not the money, or the hosing of the town, that is so upsetting.

It’s just an affront, knowing someone is attempting to capitalize on a situation when their own neighbours have been traumatized.

Public shaming is not the goal.

However, everyone should be aware that no matter where you live, this a small community, and we are all watching.

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