Karrie Crucil

Karrie Crucil

They will be barking for more

Think about how awful you feel when you are sick or sore. Now, think about your four legged best friend feeling the same.

Think about how awful you feel when you are sick or sore. Now, think about your four legged best friend feeling the same, if not worse than you. Not such a nice thought, is it?

Having your pet groomed not only provides the benefit of comfort and cleanliness, but can also serve as an early detection to and protection against health problems.

Karrie Crucil, owner operator of Barking Bubbles Dog Grooming can provide you with services that will help you provide your dog with the tender, loving care it both needs and deserves.

A nice warm bath makes everyone feel good, including your dog. It not only serves as a method to cleanse, but can provide relaxation and ease to sore muscles.

Proper grooming of the coat (brushing) will aid in the removal of dead hair, dirt and debris which if not removed becomes the perfect household for bacteria, mites, fleas and ticks. Removal of the loose hair reduces matting that can create skin sores and will also clear the way to allow essential skin oils to properly distribute throughout the coat.

Nails should be trimmed to prevent germ growth inside, to avoid the pain caused by carrying weight on paws with nails that are too long and as well, will provide protection for your furniture and your own skin.

Just like you, oral care is an important feature to good health. Brushing of the teeth will help avoid plaque build up and gum disease/gingivitis which if left untreated could be a risk to other vital organs.

A good check of the ears can detect the possible build up of bacteria or yeast which could create ear infections.

Just like people, dogs that are unhealthy are unhappy and not so nice to be around. Proper grooming and conditioning to the human touch will bring positive benefits for dogs and for their people too.

Crucil is a lady with a great love for animals. Growing up she developed a fondness for horses. Her grandfather trained horses and eventually Crucil started to rodeo, becoming especially active in barrel racing.

Later in life, while she and her family were living in Washington, Crucil took work with a professional dog groomer. She enjoyed the experience so much that she made the decision to branch out on her own.

Two years ago, Crucil’s husband Dino became employed by Princeton Weyerhaeuser bringing the family which includes; son Robert and daughter Miranda, to live in Princeton. Crucil is an active member with both Princeton Racing Days and the Princeton Rodeo Associations. The family home is located 28 klm out the Princeton-Summerland Road, along with their three horses, dog Odie and a cat named Peach.

“I like them and they like me,” says Crucil when speaking of her relationship to the dogs she provides care for. “Talk to them and treat them with care, they respond really well.” Crucil offers a pick up and delivery service on Mondays and Wednesdays. Call for this service or to schedule an appointment, 250-295-7314 or cell: 250-438-0274.

Crucil offers grooming services for all breeds and all sizes of dogs. For a perfect pampering in a bright, clean and low stress environment, treat your pooch with a visit to Barking Bubbles.