Chamber of Commerce kicks off ‘Think Local’ campaign

Think Local is not just another shop local campaign. Think Local is about changing the way people think about our community.

The Princeton & District Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the kickoff of its Think Local campaign. Think Local is not just another shop local campaign. It is far bigger than that. Think Local is about changing the way people think about our community.

We are starting Think Local with Think Shop Local February.

Shop Local February is about encouraging local consumers to buy as much product locally as possible, helping to keep local businesses in the black during one of the slowest months of the year. With Valentine’s Day right in the middle of the month, we get to kick off, not only Think Shop Local, but Think Eat Local and Think Listen Local.

Think Shop Local is as the title implies, an initiative to get local consumers to shop locally. Shop local is not just for consumers. It is about business to business or B2B transactions as well. If local businesses can find what they need from computer ink to fresh vegetables locally, then we encourage that type of commerce to take place. When we shop locally, we keep more money in our economy, which in turn supports local charities and events and employs more people who in turn pay taxes, rents, and more money within the local economy.

Think Eat Local is for all the foodies out there. Think Eat Local encourages local consumers to eat at local restaurants. This is why we felt that February was the perfect time to launch Think Local. Why not make reservations today to take your partner out for dinner on Valentine’s Day? Eat Local is also about sourcing more of your food locally. Supporting local agriculture from the farmer’s field to your table, be it beef, lamb, eggs or vegetables, encouraging locally sourced food encourages growth in agriculture and healthier lifestyles.

Think Listen Local is about supporting the local arts and entertainment community. Again when thinking of February there are options for restaurants to have dinner and live music on Valentines Day. The idea behind Think Listen Local was to get people to think about where they go to spend their money for entertainment. When people want something to do on a Friday night we want them to ask themselves who is playing at the Legion on Friday night or is there a concert or play at Riverside this weekend?

There is one more part to the initial release of Think Local and that is Made in Princeton. The Princeton & District Chamber of Commerce will be rolling out a Made in Princeton initiative that will help showcase local artisans, craftspeople and other made in Princeton talents.

The Princeton & District Chamber of Commerce is committed to building a stronger business community within Princeton.