Merrilyn Huycke

Don’t lose your connection with the natural world

Hopefully you have a little one in your life that you can take for a walk in the forest and pass on a story or two.

Perfect memories of the most perfect place

Our perfect place is Flores Island, off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Surviving the bouts of artistic angst

I am working my way through the new Susan Allison mural, do stop by and have a look.

Confessions of a procrastinator

I have a confession. I am a gold medal winning, first class procrastinator.

Horses aren’t so fussy about cooking ability

When my horse phase was over, I took up cooking on my own terms.

Gardening feeds the body and soul

For the next week or so, I am watering my friend’s garden while she is away for a break.

Blessings to those who share their spirit with us

I believe that everyone has one highly unusual character in their life that you can never forget.

Whether it’s cool or not, folks are folks

In the middle of my feelings of superiority, a parade of images from my past floated across my sight line.

A case of itchy feet and Spring fever

Itchy feet and Spring fever combined to set us plotting our day-long getaway and before long, we were heading down the road leading north.

Classic Cars — a sure sign of Spring in Princeton

A sure sign of Spring is the appearance of classic vehicles which have been stored and protected from winter ravages.

Recognize dignity and humanity

He was an unassuming man who had been in poor health most of his life and had dealt with many challenges.

Spring sneaks up and so does the cleaning

Merrilyn discusses how she found out that nature hates a vacuum as does she.

A senior’s view on shopping local

Merrilyn provides a senior's view on shopping locally.

The companionship of music

Merrilyn has been thinking about music these days.

A good long look at Big Sky Country

Merrilyn reminices about Saskatchewan—"there is a part in my genetic memory that tugs at my heart."

Becoming a winter recreation convert

For the past couple of months, I have been participating in a program here in Princeton called Active Winter Women.

Asia recommended ~ take your spirit of adventure

When we arrived in Vancouver on Mother’s Day (again) it was sunny and warm.

One last big adventure before our return

Our last big adventure before returning to Canada was to visit Shanghai and Expo 2010.

Becoming comfortable in our environment

By May 4 when we left for Shanghai, I was beginning to realize the enormity of our adventure.

Coming down the home stretch after stripping in the metal detector

By now you may be wondering why we took such a convoluted journey through Southeast Asia.