The Posse have been working their way through game after game to eke their way up in the KIJHL league standings.

Overtime win with just seconds to go

A Tuesday night game started out with Summerland snapping one in the hometown net.

  • Fri Dec 9th, 2011 5:00pm
  • Sports

A Tuesday night game started out with Summerland snapping one in the hometown net.  The Posse did not take the goal lightly however, and soon snapped off one of their own.  A responding pass from assistant captain Alex Demchuk to Eric Kubis  just over three minutes later tied the score at 1-1.  The Posse boys were not done yet and at 3:42 a pass this time from # Tim Martens to #13 Demchuk had Kubis making his second goal of the night.  With 42 seconds remaining in the first #15 Eric Schmidt got his first goal with #16 Cody Williams getting the assist.  Summerland came back 13 seconds later.  Period one ended  3-2 Posse.

Summerland was again the first to score in the period.  Jaden Janzen batted one by at 13:14 with #6 Cole Weber and # 17 Kurtis Bond racking up the assists.  At 3:50 Kurtis Bond found net.  This time it was #23 Mitch Hewson and Schmidt assisting the effort.  Summerland finished the period down by one with another last second goal.

Third period was a pendulum of emotions for fans and players alike.  Summerland tied the game at 14:07.  Then, went up by one at 8:49.  The Posse were determined and their determination paid off.  Less than a minute later the game was again tied.  #25 Rob Christensen and Hewson assisted #18 Tim Kempinski in the tie scorer.

With imminent overtime fast approaching, both teams scrambled for a break.  Fans held their breath again and again, but neither side managed to pull off the winning goal.

Overtime was soon started.  The first overtime went with four players per side back and forth skating fast looking for that perfect rush or steal.  With only seconds left Eric Schmidt flew into the Summerland net causing much frustration when an interference penalty was called.

The second overtime bagan four to three players for Summerland.  The Posse played hard defence.  Fans heart rates raced each time Summerland came towards the goalie.

Posse players settled in at three players per side after running out the controversial penalty.  Then, with 47 seconds left, Eric Kubis got a hat trick a game win, adoration from the fans and a dog pile of happy players.

“There is a will to win,” Coach Duner stated.  “When the chips are down, they seem to focus and get ‘er done.  A lot more exciting days are ahead.  This win puts us within three points of first place, but on win percentage we have the best win percentage in our division right now.”

“We’re very lucky to be getting what we are getting out of our healthy players,” Duner continued, “because we have nine kids injured right now.  We are running some pretty short lines.  I am looking forward to the days of health and well being.”