An appreciation for deer

I’m writing you concerning the deer topic that seems to keep popping up in the time I’ve been living here.

Dear Editor;

I’m writing you concerning the deer topic that seems to keep popping up in the time I’ve been living here. Being a new resident to Princeton of just over a year, I can’t help, but think to myself, “really?” It’s amazing that folks don’t know what they have, what they take for granted.

In the year that I’ve been here, I have come across a great number of deer. Many times both of us being startled… the coming around a corner thing and all of a sudden, there’s a deer sweet! Oh! Hello!  Then, we are both on our way. And it’s usually because I’M not paying attention. It’s totally new, and almost an unheard of, and unexpected thing, being from Vancouver. And you know what happened!  Nothing! How can that BE! With all the talk of AN attack last summer(-ish) and how dangerous this situation could or should be by the sounds of things. Nothing happened. We both just went along our merry way.

I love to see the deer roaming about, and through my yard. Oh! And you say/think, “You just haven’t had to deal with a mother and her baby.” That’s not true—I’ve had many of those too. And AGAIN, nothing happened.  Once even herding a baby outta my yard, cuz it couldn’t jump the fence as the mother… obviously, nervously watched. But I think she figured out what I was up to, because she settled down.  Stories of attacks quite often make me wonder. I’ve been out in the deep wilderness on many occasions over the years, and I’m yet to have ANY kind of negative encounter, even in our wilderness camping.  So it gets me to thinking, when hearing stories such of these. What did these people actually do before being attacked?  I don’t think we’d ever really know, because who’s going to admit to the stupid thing they did to provoke an attack.  Will someone ever admit they were in the wrong… did something stupid?!?  doubt it. “OH! I was just walking along and bam! I was being attacked.” … “I was in my tent sleeping, and the Bear pulled me out.” (I heard that one) … BULL (insert bad word here). How many of us have NEVER had a problem in all our years. If it were an actual issue, we would hear of this happening a lot more with all the deer and people roaming around in the same space.

Me, I like to see the deer roaming around.  Rather meet a deer on a dark street as opposed to what one would meet on the coast. I’d be more worried about some people’s dogs… or people.  I don’t know what people do to get attacked, but it’s always blamed on the animal … Stereotypical Gangs of Deer roaming about our town causing havoc. Probably gonna get blamed for the graffiti I been seeing as of late to.

I quite honestly don’t see an issue. It’s amazing what the people of Princeton have, and they don’t appreciate it none.


Danni Louvros

Princeton, BC


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