Yale Lilloet MLA Harry Lali pulls out of the NDP leadership race

Statement from HARRY LALI, MLA Fraser-Nicola Thursday, February-17-11

  • Tue Feb 22nd, 2011 2:00pm
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Yale Lilloet MLA Harry Lali pulls out of the NDP leadership race

Today I am removing my name from the New Democrat Leadership race and will not be filing my papers.

I can give you a dozen excuses why I am withdrawing from the leadership race, but they would be just that…..EXCUSES….or an easy way out.

That’s not my style…and I think you already know that.

In all honesty, and politics aside, to paraphrase what my good friend Rich Coleman said in December, “The money’s all there, the team’s there…but my heart’s not in it.”

Well, for me, it is the opposite – my heart’s definitely there, but the money and the resources are not.

In order to run a competitive NDP leadership campaign one needs to spend well over $100,000…

Which means one has to raise at least $215,000 – that isn’t going to happen for me.

In talking to members around the province, and meeting with supporters, I have determined that this is not my time.

To my family, relatives and friends, to all those people who have supported my leadership bid and volunteered for my campaign, and especially to the thousands of people who took up NDP memberships to support me, I thank you.

AND I wish all the remaining candidates well in their efforts to become leader of this great party – they are all great people and each of them would make a great Leader and Premier.