The Kelowna Ballet captivated their audience during their Sunday afternoon performance “Breaking Boundaries” held at Riverside Theatre.

The ballet ascends into Riverside

The Kelowna Ballet's visit to Riverside Theatre on Sunday afternoon was met with delight and admiration.

All that’s light and all that’s strong intertwine in ballet.  Breaking Boundaries is the latest production of the Kelowna Ballet under Artistic Director David LaHay.  Their visit to Riverside Theatre on Sunday afternoon was met with delight and admiration.

Hosted by LaHay, Breaking Boundaries was thoroughly described in detail by a man with a passion for the art.  Before each choreographed number was performed, LaHay entertained the audience with a few precious intricacies on the dance starting with its history.  LaHay was proud to present to Princeton his six dancers.  Eric Hall from Woodstock, Ont., David Luce from Lloydminster, Alta. and Brenddan McCooey from Richmond partnered their masculine strength and agility with ballerinas Raelynn Heppell of Duncan, B.C., Clare Bassett of Saint John, NB and Christina Cecchini of Kamloops, B.C..

From the first number to the last, the audience was captivated.  The artistic energy of each arrangement was mesmerizing.  Power and the talent soared to life as the dancers took to the stage.  Muscles rippled and bodies flowed through complicated moves in a simplicity only found with experience.

The complicated looked easy.  The ladies were lifted high and spun lithely.  Jumps were vertical lines of perfection.

“We were delighted with the presence of children there,” stated Princeton Arts Council president Del Hall.  “There were 20 children present.  It was a real family affair.  We want audience building and Princeton’s children are a part of that.  Most of the kids stayed to get autographs and really enjoyed the experience.  Going to the theatre as a family is an enriching experience that I am very happy to say we were a small part of.  We were delighted to have a new audience there and so was the dance troupe.  Children are our future.”

Breaking Boundaries was the first entertainment event in the latest concert series compiled by the Princeton Arts Council.  The ballet is to be followed with a second show in the series.

Award winning Canadian musician Ian Tyson will be singing and strumming his guitar on Wednesday Nov. 16 at Riverside Theatre.

Symphony harpist Ingrid Schellenberg will wind up the series on Sunday, Nov. 27.

The Arts Council is selling tickets for both performances together and separately at Sunflower Gallery.